Tibi Tonic

Tibi Tonic is a low calorie restorative elixir that helps prevent the effects of a hangover. It detoxifies and refreshes body and brain so even if the details of last night are a bit… fuzzy, you’ll still wake up looking and feeling sharp*.

The restorative remedy that lets you live to the fullest, day and night.

Our team of renowned scientists (and experienced revelers) examined how the body metabolizes alcohol and what’s needed to accelerate recovery. 

We won’t bore you with the drab details, but let’s just say, the way we process alcohol taxes our systems, depletes our energy, ruins our sleep and leaves us with that bone-aching, head-splitting, toxified feeling. You know the one. And we are passionately dedicated to never having that feeling again.

Tibi Tonic’s unique combination of ingredients ensure a much smoother morning*.